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How Much Does In-Home Child Care Cost Per Hour?

Some kids are really special, so much so that they might have a hard time interacting with other people that are of the same age as them at this current point in time. You should remember that children are the most precious beings on the face of the earth, so if you find that your kid is not able to go to a regular day care center due to things that they have no control over, you shouldn’t get angry at them but rather you should pay a little extra for child care that can be provided in the comfort of their own home.

Keeping a familiar environment for your children is a great way to help them grow and learn, and plenty of Toowoomba child care and early learning centres can be hired for in home care as well without a shadow of a doubt. Now, since you would be hiring a professional to come and take care of your kid for several hours a day, you should prepare for a bill that is a lot higher than what daycares would ask you to pay to them.

Quality child care that is provided at their home will cost around twenty dollars an hour on average. That comes up to around forty thousand dollars a year, which is four times more than charges for day care. Hourly costs can be reduced if one of the parents is willing to come home early from work or stop going to work entirely, but most people can’t afford this so in home care is worth it from that point of view although day care is usually a more affordable option.