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How Much Does It Cost to Clean The Carpets?

If you have decorated your house with carpet, cleaning them before it gets too late is very important. Depending on the type and number of carpets you have, an average carpet cleaning service can set you back around $120 to $250.

Good cleaner will surely keep your carpets looking fresh for a long period of time. Professional service providers can always deliver better results than DIY projects.

Coupling proper carpet care and vacuuming with occasional professional cleaning can increase the life of your carpets significantly.

Let’s take a look at the factors affecting the price of this service.

Factors Affecting a Cleaning Job’s Price

Many factors can determine the overall cost of a professional cleaning job. Mostly, the type of carpet you have, number of carpets in your house, and the materials used by the professional service provider can determine how much to charge you for Magnolia carpet cleaning.

  • The size of your carpet is probably the biggest factor which determines the cost of a cleaning job. According to the size of your carpet, you can be paying around $0.50 per foot of cleaned carpets. Once you get in touch with a carpet cleaner, they will send their experts to measure your carpet and provide you with a quote.
  • Most of the stuff used in cleaning the carpets are determined by the material your carpet is made of. For example, fluffy and thick carpets can trap more dirt as compared to the slimmer ones. So, the type of chemicals used in the carpet cleaning job and the type of carpet you have in your house can also influence the overall price.

These were some of the biggest factors affecting the cost of a carpet cleaning service.