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What Degree Nozzle For Pressure Washing Deck?

Mistakes made during pressure washing can prove to be immensely costly in both the long term as well as the short run, so you might want to start wrapping your head around some of the more common mistakes that are made in these types of activities at any given point in time. While we can keep talking about the sheer quantity of mistakes that newbie pressure washers make in some without a shadow of a doubt, suffice it to say that there is one in particular that we find to be enormously egregious.

This mistake involves using the incorrect nozzle for The Woodlands pressure washing while cleaning a deck. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that decks are often made out of wood, which means that the red nozzle is definitely in some kind of a no go zone. The yellow nozzle might also not be suitable since it doesn’t spread the pressure across a wide enough surface area, which means that the only option left that can be used for deck washing is the green one.

This green nozzle offers the widest spray that you can acquire, which means that the pressure can be kept high. A wider spray means that the jet will not be hitting the surface at a specific area with all of the force that it can muster. High powered jets can poke a hole in your wood, so you should definitely switch to the green nozzle if you want to avoid that because once a hole is made there is nothing that you can do to actually repair it all in all.