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What Do Bed Bugs Bites Look Like?

bed bugs are a real nuisance and they are not only dangerous to our health but these blood sucking insects take away a lot more than that, when your house is infested with bed bugs it would compromise you hygiene, health and your sleep as well, their bites are itchy and irritating and they don’t let you sleep, and the worse part about bed bug infestation is that it grows at a rate which is unimaginable and these would take shelter in small cracks and nooks where one wouldn’t even imagine, my apartment was infested with bed bug and I got the fumigation done and I thought I had done enough to dealt with them, but a few days into moving I realized that the situation is far worse than I first imagined, Bed Bug Removal | BBEC here in Colorado helped me understand what it is like to deal with them and how to remove them effectively.

At the initial stages you might not even realize that there is bed bug infestation taking place so you need to be aware about all the signs, from what a bed bug bite looks like to where these would stay and take shelter, because at first I thought it was the mosquitos because there bite is quite similar as you feel a sting and itchiness right after being bitten, but after a while a bed bug bite shows and these feed on your blood and nothing is safe from them, from your wardrobe to kitchen cabinets, from bed to the sofas that you have in your lounge, they will take over everything and you cannot always use the chemical based products which are actually very effective but also pose a threat to our health as well.