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What is Encapsulation in Carpet Cleaning

A common misconception that quite a few people tend to have about carpet cleaning is that you can only use steam cleaning to get the results that everyone is going on about. While steam cleaning, or hot water extraction as it is called in the industry, is most definitely the single most effective method that is at your disposal, suffice it to say that it is also a bit inconvenient in the sense that it necessitates a twenty four hour period of drying before the carpet is safe to use without creating foul smells.

Sometimes you just can’t avoid going on your carpet for twenty four hours, but that doesn’t change the importance of Humble carpet cleaning so it’s clear that some kind of a middle ground needs to be reached at this interval. This is where encapsulation carpet cleaning comes into play. This carpet cleaning method uses chemicals that will encapsulate dirt on the outermost layer of your rug into several crystals which will break apart into dry powder that you can then sweep or vacuum up in an instant.

Encapsulation allows you to skip the drying portion of carpet cleaning, but you should remember that it is not a replacement for steam cleaning. You still need to use hot water extraction, but using this dry method allows you to delay it until next year if that is something that is in line with your vision for your life. It is also a lot cheaper than steam cleaning so if you are in dire financial straits this year encap cleaning provides an affordable alternative that can tide you over until you have the funds necessary for steam cleaning.