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What is The Difference Between a Lawyer And an Attorney?

For a layman it might get confusing when trying to differentiate between a lawyer and an attorney and one might never have given thought to it, but lawyers class themselves specifically and law firms are careful about categorizing their team and always clearly mention whether their expert of law is a lawyer or an attorney, so what is the difference and why it is important for you to differentiate between the two, there are a number of different terms which are used interchangeably and we can get confused between the difference between them, apart from lawyer and attorney, you must have heard about solicitor, Barrister and Advocate and these are commonly used by us. But we are here to discuss the basic difference between an attorney and a lawyer, although it might not hold any significant legal implication but we need to differentiate between the two in order to get the best legal services from them and especially if we interested in the field of law.

The basic difference between a lawyer and an attorney is that an attorney has to practice in court in order to be called an attorney, for a lawyer that is not necessary because after getting their degree in law they can take up jobs as consultants or work as advisors while working for a firm or on their own, the similarity is that both the attorneys and lawyers have to follow a code of ethics while working in any sort of capacity, working as consultants or advisors or working in civil or criminal law.

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